Orientation 2018



·         Tuesday 23rd October – Friday 26th October 2018

Student Orientation visits for prospective pupils each morning from 9:15 – 12:30

Tuesday           23rd October – Waipahihi Primary School

Wednesday     24th October – Wairakei Primary School

Thursday         25th October – Tauhara Primary School

Friday              26th October – Taupo Primary School

Students from other schools are most welcome to attend these visits any day.

Enrolment packs will be issued to the contributing schools.  All those students outside 

our traditional contributing schools can contact our school office to get an enrolment 

pack, or collect one on your visit.



·         23rd October – 26th October 2018

Principal / Parent Meetings at contributing Schools – Open meetings – all welcome

Taupo Primary                        5:30pm Tuesday         23rd October

Waipahihi Primary                  7:00pm Tuesday         23rd October

Wairakei Primary                    5:30pm Wednesday    24th October

Tauhara Primary                     5:30pm Thursday        25th October

Taupo Intermediate School    7:00pm Thursday        25th October – this is an open  

                                      meeting for those outside our traditional contributing schools.


·          6th November 2018

CWAA Testing for 2019 Class


·         26th November

2019 Classes begin to be compiled. Information transfer begins – transition period