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Actively Involved.
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Welcome to Taupo Intermediate

A school where you can experience the very best of practice in the educating of emerging adolescents, our specialist focus provides not only a stimulating and caring environment where students strive for success, but a smorgasbord of opportunities specific to the Year 7 and Year 8 age groups.

Our Vision: To make a positive difference through the T.I.S Way. 

T.I.S Way:

Thinking/Whaiwhakaaro – Responsibly, Creatively and Critically

Involved/Whaiwāhitanga – Be actively involved in learning and the community

Showing Respect/Manaakitanga – For self, others and the Environment


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Enrolment 2022

Enrolment: We are busy getting organised for 2022 and as you can imagine class placements is a huge task with over 640 students. We can

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MONDAY 12/02 Team Tauhara Camp (Room’s 22,23,24,25) TUESDAY 13/02 Team Tauhara Camp (Room’s 22,23,24,25) WEDNESDAY 14/02 Team Tauhara Camp (Room’s 22,23,24,25) Team Pihanga Camp (Room’s 18,19,20,21) THURSDAY 15/02 Team Pihanga Camp (Room’s 18,19,20,21) FRIDAY 16/02 Team Pihanga Camp (Room’s 18,19,20,21) MONDAY 19/02 Team Tongariro Camp (Room’s 9,10,11,16) TUESDAY 20/02 Team Tongariro Camp (Room’s 9,10,11,16) WEDNESDAY 21/02 Team Tongariro Camp (Room’s 9,10,11,16) Team Ngauruhoe Camp (Room’s 5,6,7,8) THURSDAY 22/02 Team Ngauruhoe Camp (Room’s 5,6,7,8) FRIDAY 23/02 Team Ngauruhoe Camp (Room’s 5,6,7,8) MONDAY 26/02 Team Ruapehu Camp (Room’s 1,2,3,4) TUESDAY 27/02 Team Ruapehu Camp (Room’s 1,2,3,4) WEDNESDAY 28/02 Team Ruapehu Camp (Room’s 1,2,3,4) THURSDAY 29/02 TNT Papamoa Leaders Camp for Class Leaders Photo Life Class & Individual Photos FRIDAY 01/03 TNT Papamoa Leaders Camp for Class Leaders MONDAY 04/03 Team Tauhara Swimming Sports Block 3 (Room’s 22,23,24,25) TUESDAY 05/03 Team Pihanga Swimming Sports Block 3 (Room’s 18,19,20,21) WEDNESDAY 06/03 Team Tongariro Swimming Sports Block 3 (Room’s 9,10,11,16) THURSDAY 07/03 Team Ruapehu Swimming Sports Block 3 (Room’s 1,2,3,4) FRIDAY 08/03 Team Ngauruhoe Swimming Sports Block 3 (Room’s 5,6,7,8) MONDAY 11/03 Team Leaders Meeting 3.15-4.15 WEDNESDAY 13/03 TIS Swimming Finals Block 3 THURSDAY 14/03 Te Miro BOP MTB Champs FRIDAY 15/03 Super 11 Open Water Swim- Taupo FRIDAY 22/03 Super 11 Swimming- Rotorua FRIDAY 29/03 Easter Friday MONDAY 01/04 Easter Monday TUESDAY 02/04 Easter Tuesday FRIDAY 05/04 Super 11 Touch Rugby-Rotorua MONDAY 08/04 Leadership Camp for 2024 Year 8 Leaders TUESDAY 09/04 Leadership Camp for 2024 Year 8 Leaders FRIDAY 12/04 Last day of Term