Principal’s Message

Welcome – from Taupo Intermediate School

Kia ora koutou katoa nga whanau o tenei kura
Greetings to all our families

To children and parents, welcome to Taupo Intermediate School. We are very proud of our school and we are extremely pleased to have you as members of our school community.

We applaud your choice of Intermediate/Middle schooling and will endeavour to repay your confidence in us by: Recognising this unique age group with staff that understands and committed to a specific learning phase. Providing outstanding educational opportunities with a degree of specialisation. Introducing you to new experiences, studies and interests with a broad, flexible uncluttered curriculum. Providing an orderly, friendly and positive learning environment focusing on citizenship, identity, morals and values.

Our academic focuses will be on improving learning levels in Numeracy (Mathematics) and Literacy (English, Spelling, Reading, and Writing). Success in these areas is fundamental to the success in other areas.
The school recognises differing needs and abilities and the need for all students to experience success.

We provide programmes for: Children with Academic Ability – C.W.A.A. Children with Special Needs – C.W.S.N. (learning difficulties, behavioural and in some cases, medical) Classes which align with teacher’s specialist ability and interest. A Boys Only Class in Year 8. Sports for general participation and the elite and competitive. Cultural – Music, Dance, 2nd Languages – Te Reo Maori, French and Chinese. Technology – Workshop, Food, Fabric, Art and Information Communication – Computers

I want to assure our new parents and pupils that our school is committed to: promoting the rights of the individuals to learn and to teach, without threats, bullying, intimidation or harassment. keeping our school drug and other related negative activities free. spending the majority of our time on promoting and acknowledging the successes and positive behaviours.

In the mid section of this prospectus I also share with you our collective Intermediate and Middle School’s vision and commitment for meeting the needs of emerging adolescents.

I would like our parents and pupils to read and discuss our information and to endeavour to make a wise choice and then to commit to working with us to make the next two years enjoyable, embracing academic
success and sporting and cultural achievements.

These two years will provide a solid platform for your child’s future education.

As a parent myself, I want the same educational opportunities as I had for my children, as you do and this I believe to be the bottom line for us as a school. I will meet and greet you at all school related activities along with a very committed staff.

“The Principal articulates a clear vision and promotes high expectations for staff, students and the community. These characteristics and his high level of commitment to student well-being and education contribute to the school’s ongoing effectiveness. Under his leadership the school continues to enjoy a positive  profile in a partnership with the community”.