Our School

Curriculum Focus

    1. That students will meet or exceed the national expectations in Numeracy and Literacy with the support and guidance of the teaching staff. Staff Development will focus on consolidating their teaching practices, up-skilling in the knowledge and use of the measuring tools such as AsTTle, Ikan, Gloss and Overall Teacher Judgements to be able to report to parents/pupils using the National Standards.
    2. To continue to develop 21st Century learning environments using digital technologies. Technology which will enhance teachers’ effectiveness, improve student engagement in learning and raise achievement for all students.

Pastoral Care

  1. That students and teachers will respect each other and show a healthy respect for their environment.
  2. That we will continue to develop a culture which promotes a caring and sharing environment, where fear is not a factor, bullying, intimidation, verbal and physical abuse are eliminated and support and guidance is available.
  3. To build strong relationships, based on mutual trust and respect, where each person is valued for their efforts.
  4. That all pupils will be encouraged and guided to participate in a smorgasbord of opportunities and experiences.
  5. That we will continue to strive to ensure that Taupo Intermediate is an important provider of education in this town for the middle years

Our Vision:

To make a positive difference using the T.I.S Way.

Our Mission:

To provide a stimulating environment where all students strive for personal excellence.

Our Graduates:

Are confident, connected, actively involved, life long learners.

Our Values:

At Taupo Intermediate we encourage and model the values, principles and intent of the New Zealand Curriculum, with special emphasis on:

  • Respect for self, others and the environment
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Integrity in all our actions
  • Fairness in the way we treat each other
  • Innovation, inquiry and curiosity in our learning
  • Effective use of digital communication

Our Culture:

Our school has a role of approximately 600 students, with 35% Maori and over 18 nationalities represented.

This is a student-centered school.  Our students, and their journey through the emerging teenage years, are at the heart of all matters at school.  We care.  Caring is at all levels of the school – board, management and staff.  We care about our kids and the communities in which they grow and develop.

The school provides a diverse range of opportunities and challenges, shaped each year by changing student interests and prospects available in the community.  We nurture and develop the strengths and talents of students and help them discover new interests!

Teachers are selected for their diverse interests and ability to connect with emerging teenagers – there are high expectations for continued professional development and a willingness to strive towards every student reaching their full potential.

We aim to nurture students to be part of creating an Aotearoa NZ in which Maori and Pakeha recognize each other as full Treaty partners, and where all cultures are valued. Our people, policies and practices are developed to reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of Maori culture.

This charter has been developed in consultation with our school community, staff, students and Tuwharetoa, aligning to the priorities identified by the Taupo Community of Learning.

** Read the full Taupo Intermediate School Charter here **