Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – Appropriate Behaviour

The school‟s behaviour management programme supports both staff and students in developing quality inter-relationships that can be sustained over time. The school has high expectations for a correct code of conduct and boundaries for positive behaviour.

The School’s Code of Conduct is based on:


  • Self-respect
  • Respect for each other – Staff and Pupils
  • Respect for our environment


* Look after yourself, others and the school property.
* Acceptable behaviour is the „norm‟.
* Use common sense and courtesy.
* Meet expected deadlines.
* Wear the correct school uniform.
* Keep the school clean and tidy.
* Act in a responsible and mature manner.
* Keep within school boundaries.
* Know and work on our School Goals.
* Getting to school regularly.


* Cell phones.
* Expensive personal items. e.g. gameboys, i pods
* Labelled clothing, especially jackets.
* Collectors cards / items.
* Dangerous, harmful substances and/or objects.
* Chewing gum.
* Alcohol.
* Drugs including smokes, lighters, matches.
* Gang “insignia” eg; patches, colours

  • The school firmly believes that teachers have a right to teach and students have a right to learn in a positive environment.
  • Under the umbrella of school-wide standards and protocols (for classrooms/playground and „dress‟ code rules) rights and responsibilities are clearly defined in every classroom.
  • Making wise decisions or the right choices and taking responsibility for the consequences of unwise choices – play an important part in the school’s behaviour ethos‟.

Our behaviour management plan can only be successful if we have the support of our parents and community and we are all consistent with how we operate. We believe strongly that the following statement is still very much a feature of our management plan.