Year 6 Orientation Days

Year 6 Student Orientation times are 9:15 each morning and returning them to your school at 1:00pm.  
                      ·        Tuesday           24th October     – Taupo Primary
                      ·         Wednesday      25th October     – Wairakei Primary
                      ·         Thursday         26th October     – Tauhara Primary
·         Friday              27th October     – Waipahihi Primary
If your child does not attend one of the school above, they are more than welcome to attend on any of the four days, parents will need to bring them in and pick them up at the scheduled times.

Parent meetings will be held at the following school and times.  These are parent focused for you to see how we do things around here and to ask any questions you may have.
·         Tuesday           24th  October  – 5:30pm Taupo Primary
·         Tuesday           24th  October  – 7:00pm Waipahihi Primary
·         Wednesday      25th  October  – 5:30pm Wairakei Primary
·         Thursday         26th   October  – 5:30pm Tauhara Primary
·         Thursday         26th   October  – 7:00pm Taupo Intermediate School – is an open meeting for anyone who                                                                                                                                       may be interested.