You’re HISTORY Musical Production

When a nerdy teenager turns a portable classroom into a time machine, a mischievous detention class is sent hurtling back through history! The time-warped team discover vicious Vikings, plates-practicing Pirates, disco-happy Gladiators, a rapping Romeo and Juliet and the infamous Oedipus on Jerry Springer.

Drawing a parallel between hierarchical history and the modern schoolyard You’re History! is a rollicking musical that will have actors totally rapt and their audience in stitches. Chock-full of wonderful characters, hilarious historical mayhem, an absorbing story, thought-provoking themes and sensational songs, this hip, intelligent production will rock the house!

The action-packed mini-epic is surprisingly simple to stage and inexpensive to costume. It features a myriad of meaty roles for males and females, including Cleopatra, Queen Jocasta, Russius Maximus, Lauchie McSwoon, Genevieve LaDifference, Fungus and the ever-elusive Where’s Willy You’re History! is a sure-fire smash hit with the young, the old and the ancient!

Make sure that you get along on the 11, 12 or 13 October 2016 (Week One, Term 4) to check out this awesome show!